Adventures With Google Glass – Part 1

Not too long ago I received a coveted notification from Google to inform me of my opportunity to join the “Glass Explorers” program.  It’s a cool opportunity, but by no means is it like rolling in with a rock star pass.  Nope, instead you get to buy the Google Glass, approx, $1,500.00, and then go to one of three locations to pick them up (you pay your own travel).  So I chose the greatest location, because of the city it was in, Chelsea Market in New York City. So the family and I drove up and stayed two evenings at the Jade Hotel in Greenwich Village and enjoyed a lot of what NYC has to offer.  But none of this is really important, what follows next is the crux of this whole post. Continue reading

UX and AIR Tech Presentation at Agile RTP

December 7th, 2010 – Agile RTP : UI/UX in the Agile Process – Being agile and mobile!

UI/UX is all the rage, everyone is developing the next “it” product.  But how do your technology decisions and UI Designers/Developers skill sets work in the agile process?  In this brief presentation I will demonstrate how the proper tech choices and up front planning can allow you to move your app from the desktop to the web and onto mobile devices while maintaining a consistent user experience.
Learn the answers to:
  • When should UI/UX get involved?
  • Why is my UI layer technology stack just as important as the server stack?
  • What is AIR and how can it help me?
  • What should I expect from UI/UX Developers/Designers?
  • How does the right planning help create a consistent user experience across platforms?

The Smashing Book – Review

About a week ago I received a copy of The Smashing Book in the mail. I thumbed through it on the first day and it seemed that there was great information on each page. I decided to sit down and start reading the book from cover to cover. I am glad I did. After over 15 years of creating web sites and applications I thought I was pretty aware of most things web, boy was I wrong. The Smashing Book is a collection of articles written by designer/developers on topics ranging from layout to fonts; colors to site optimization; conversion rates to branding. This book has it all for the UX web professional. Could it be the new ‘Bible’ for UX developers?

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