My Ruby and Rails Journey – Part 1

DISCLAIMER –  I want to clarify the title that I will be using for this series of posts.  I know what Ruby on Rails is, but I am taking a different approach.  I am learning Ruby, the language, while also working with Rails, the framework.  So I am digging through the famous Pickaxe book to learn about the language of Ruby and I am also working through Rails3 in Action. This is the story of my journey.

Most of my “career” as a developer has been focused on the frontend (e.g. JavaScript, CSS, HTML, ActionScript and Flex).  But I have also been working with many different backend technologies (e.g. Coldfusion, PHP, Java, Groovy/Grails).  The reason I am always looking at backend technologies is to improve my efficiency in proving out frontend solutions.  After all, a UI with no backend is about as useful as a Powerpoint or Photoshop file, which makes it hard to drive technical change with decision makers.  Trust me, if you are a frontend developer or designer, and all you ever do is create pictures and never implement; no one will care about your technical opinion.  You will fail.  Time to get on with the post..

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Five Minute Flex Twitter Client

Yes, yet another Twitter client. Does the world really need another Twitter client? Probably not. But this particular client was created based on a challenge that was issued by a fellow developer. The challenge – create a Flex app that uses a social networking service, and has at least one custom component, all in five minutes or less.

Here is the source code download, go ahead and tool around with it: Flex 5 Miute Challenge Source Code
So go ahead and have some fun, get together with some developers and tryout the ‘Flex 5 Minute Challenge’

Since my buddy and I made this up we came up with these rules, feel free to change them:
Flex application must utilize any service provided by a publicly available social networking site.
The application must contain at least one custom component.
Time begins as soon as you start writing code and the app must be published as a release build before 5 minutes is up.

That’s it, it’s fun, give it a shot.

So here it is:
[kml_flashembed publishmethod="static" fversion="10.0.0" useexpressinstall="true" movie="" width="500" height="300" targetclass="flashmovie"]

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Javascript and Flex Presentation Download

Here is my presentation from the 360Flex Conference.  The presentation topic is how to use Javascript and Flex together through the Flex Ajax Bridge and ExternalInterface.  The presentation also includes all of the code needed to run the examples.  This was a hands on presentation so the code is very generic but useful.  Your comments are always appreciated.

[slideshare id=1533095&doc=flexjavascript360flexpresentation-adrianpomilio-090604092612-phpapp01]