The Athletic Guide to Agile – 360Flex

I just got back from 360Flex in Denver, what an awesome time.  I highly recommend attending a 360Flex Conference.

My presentation was “The Athletic Guide to Agile.”  The premise of the presentation was to explain Agile using a metaphor.  The metaphor for this presentation was sports.  It had become obvious to me, over the years, that the explanation of Agile was becoming convoluted and confusing for some.  The problem I saw was people trying to relate Agile principles to Waterfall, something they already knew.  Agile and Waterfall don’t really relate. So I thought that maybe it was time to change that and try and relate Agile to something completely different than Waterfall.

I am still refining the athletic metaphor for introducing Agile, and I have a few other metaphors in the works as well.  Here is the presentation slide deck:

Download - Athletic Guide To Agile – AdrianPomilio

Photos – Yogi sayin it all

Video - not yet available

It is important to understand that this was a live presentation, and it covers many areas of Agile but not every aspect.  The areas that I cover are the parts that cause a bit of confusion.  I am always looking for feedback so please feel free to leave comments.

Javascript and Flex Presentation Download

Here is my presentation from the 360Flex Conference.  The presentation topic is how to use Javascript and Flex together through the Flex Ajax Bridge and ExternalInterface.  The presentation also includes all of the code needed to run the examples.  This was a hands on presentation so the code is very generic but useful.  Your comments are always appreciated.

[slideshare id=1533095&doc=flexjavascript360flexpresentation-adrianpomilio-090604092612-phpapp01]