Adventures With Google Glass – Part 1

Not too long ago I received a coveted notification from Google to inform me of my opportunity to join the “Glass Explorers” program.  It’s a cool opportunity, but by no means is it like rolling in with a rock star pass.  Nope, instead you get to buy the Google Glass, approx, $1,500.00, and then go to one of three locations to pick them up (you pay your own travel).  So I chose the greatest location, because of the city it was in, Chelsea Market in New York City. So the family and I drove up and stayed two evenings at the Jade Hotel in Greenwich Village and enjoyed a lot of what NYC has to offer.  But none of this is really important, what follows next is the crux of this whole post. Continue reading

HTML5 – Let’s Have an Understanding

Never has a W3C specification had such a rousing impact on the technology world as HTML5.  So rousing in fact that not everyone could agree when creating the specification.  So now we have the WHATWG version of the HTML5 specification.  Then you throw in all the technical religious battles about what technology HTML5 will kill, the HTML5 as a mobile strategy discussions, and you get a lot of hype and misunderstandings.  So let’s try and clarify three misunderstandings I have heard and read.

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Google’s Dart – Thoughts and Resources

So Google has provided another language for all of us web developers and it’s name is Dart.  Dart is different than Google’s Go in the sense that Dart is meant for the web layer, or “to give a structured programing language for the web.”

One could look at this as an attempt to replace JavaScript but it seems to have some key differences, or self proclaimed corrections:

  • Dart is a class based OO language, which is fundamentally different than JavaScript.
  • Dart runs in a virtual machine, or is compiled down to JavaScript
  • Dart allows for optional typing of variables – something we are familiar with in ActionScript but not JavaScript

Then there is support…

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