Adventures With Google Glass – Part 1

Not too long ago I received a coveted notification from Google to inform me of my opportunity to join the “Glass Explorers” program.  It’s a cool opportunity, but by no means is it like rolling in with a rock star pass.  Nope, instead you get to buy the Google Glass, approx, $1,500.00, and then go to one of three locations to pick them up (you pay your own travel).  So I chose the greatest location, because of the city it was in, Chelsea Market in New York City. So the family and I drove up and stayed two evenings at the Jade Hotel in Greenwich Village and enjoyed a lot of what NYC has to offer.  But none of this is really important, what follows next is the crux of this whole post. Continue reading

Thank You Microsoft. Really, Thank You for

As a front-end developer I have to always be sure that whatever feature I roll out works for my customers.  In the past I had to stand up multiple VMs of various Windows OSs and Internet Explorer versions.  The Windows XP with IE6 is a favorite of mine. But now, thanks to Microsoft, there is
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JavaScript is a Language You Need to Learn

It’s been a while since my last post, the reason being is that I have been rather busy.  Between conferences, work, and family my “free time” has been rather limited.  When I have found some free time I spend it immersing my self in JavaScript.  Yes, JavaScript!  I have spent the past few years working with Flex and more specifically ActionScript, and only working with JavaScript when I needed too.

Many years ago I spent a great deal of time learning and developing with JavaScript.  I always found it to be frustrating, not because of the language itself but rather the browser environment.  Over the past couple of years some great libraries have been created to work past the issues found in various browsers, and browsers have improved their JavaScript engines quite a bit.

So why am I going back to JavaScript after all these years?  There are a few reasons. Continue reading