NCDevCon 2012 Preview

I am busy preparing for two session at NCDevCon this September. This conference is one of my favorites, not only because it’s right in my home town of Raleigh, NC, but also because it is run very smoothly and just fits my hacker mentality.  Oh, and it is the place that spawned CodeBass Radio, which my friend Ben Farrell and I do a show on.

This year I am doing two sessions.  One session is “CSS Bonanza,” which is a favorite topic of mine and I hardly get to present on it anymore. I will cover all the basics, as well as the latest and greatest in CSS3 and we will do things with CSS that was never intended. Why not, it’s the fun of it.

The other session is a two hour hands on session for “Building HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript Applications.”  The HTML5 session will be a fun hands on that will give people a chance to experiment and learn as well. Work with local storage, animations, geolocation, media, new form elements, and a JavaScript framework to be named later. I promise it wont be a todo list app.

I would be interested in hearing from all of you as to what specifics you would be interested in hearing about in either of the presentations.  So feel free to reply and let me know.

I will be posting more as we get closer to the conference to let you know what the requirements for the hands on will be.  But for right now an IDE (of your choice), Chrome and a web server should do.

RIACon 2012 Presentations

I have posted the slide decks and code samples from my two presentations at RIACon 2012.

The examples are simplistic and not optimized.

You can get them from GITHub at

Why do you do that with your JavaScript


HTML5 Overview

I would like to thank all of you who attended my sessions, as well as a huge thank  you to the RIACon staff for giving me the opportunity to present on these topics.


Ant – Automation is a Frontenders Friend

As Frontenders, or front-end engineers, we spend a lot of time in convincing people that we are actual “engineers” so it makes sense that we should leverage tools outside of markup and script to help us do our job. This article is about one of those tools I use, Ant.

I spend a lot of time building applications as well as wireframes (in HTML/CSS/JavaScript) to work out customer requirements and to test interactions with users.  Because of this I am constantly doing “boilerplate” tasks, but I don’t need to if I use a little Ant. Continue reading