CSS3 Artwork – Sweet Water Logo

From time to time I try to do a few CSS Katas to keep the skills sharp.  I use a simple text editor and pick some logo, or idea, to illustrate only using CSS.  I stay away from all images and try and do what I can.

For time sake I also limit my artwork to only focus on the Chrome browser. However it will work in the most recent WebKit and FireFox browsers.  I try to do this as quickly as possible, as that is the point of the Kata.

This is my latest artwork, it is a rendition of the logo found on the band Sweet Water’s Superfriends album released in 1995.  I always enjoyed the album but I also wanted to do it as a dedication to all of the people who are involved with CodeBass Radio. CBR is an awesome crew and worth checking out at http://www.cbrtune.in

So here it is! - Check it out but remember it only works in CHROME (actually WebKit)!

Peace to all those slugging it out in the world of CSS!  Comments and CSS Artwork sharing and requests/challenges welcomed.