Sexy 6 Agile Meeting Tips for Google Hangout Usage

So, your team is remote, or maybe just out of the office for the day. Never fear, get everyone on G+ (Google+) to use the Hangout feature.

I have used this feature numerous times for standups, kickoff, estimation, and half-day planning meetings. It’s a great tool and its free. You can share your screen, see video, hear audio from everyone on the team (in the meeting of course). But with great power comes confusion.

So here are some “pro-tips*” on how to improve the experience for all your team members using the hangout feature in G+.

1 – Use headphones. By using headphones your computer speakers wont feedback into the microphone on your computer, thus eliminating that annoying echo. the annoying echo. the annoying echo
2 – You can use the microphone on your laptop but please put your laptop on a table. We dont want to hear it rubbing against your legs, or other noises from that general area.
3 – Use an external mic if you have one, if not don’t worry. This is just a “super all-pro**” move. Add a pop guard to the mic to really be a hotdog.
4 – Be aware of what is behind you, your camera will display things besides you. So clean up the moldy pizza and empty beer bottles, or just position the camera strategically to point away from the illicit activities going on in your “office”.
5 – Give everyone 10 minutes the first time they use hangouts to play with all the silly hats and overlays. It’s going to happen, don’t fight it.
6 – Pay attention. No need talking forever and being on mute. You won’t look cool, even if you have a mic and a pop guard.

So those are my Sexy 6 Agile Meeting Tips for Google Hangout Usage

As always, feel free to comment.

* The term “pro-tip” is so annoying and condescending 

** And you thought “pro-tip” was bad.

BFGShow – Yeah that’s me!

Did you know that I host a live radio show on on Thursday nights? Check out the shows official site at for more details.

I spin some tunes, talk some smack, and play some requests. The key is that I play music from many genres, and as they say “if you don’t like it now, give it 4 minutes.”

Tune in and let me know what you think.

2014 cfObjective() – I’m speaking

I am super excited to have the opportunity to present at the 2014 cfObjective() conference in MN this year.

My presentation will be “JavaScript – The Stack.”  So I will be covering JavaScript as a stack, what’s what; where pieces fit.  I am also going to have a little fun and see what I can control with JavaScript. Hopefully TSA and Homeland Security let me transport the drones on the airlines.

There are some really great presenters and sessions lined up.
So check out the conference at :