BFGShow Final Friday 12-28-12

Rolled it old school, and rewound it all the way to the 70′s, for the final Friday show of 2012.  Here is the playlist for those of you are interested…

Happy New Year to everyone!

  • Intro: Sanford and Son – Quincy Jones
  • Rant 1 – Adrian
  • Gimme Some Lovin’ – Spencer Davis Group
  • Roll On Down the Highway – Bachman-Turner Overdrive
  • Never Been Any Reason – Head East
  • We’re an American Band – Grand Funk
  • You Really Got Me – Van Halen
  • Rant 2 – Adrian
  • Junior’s Farm – Wings & Paul McCartney
  • Raise a Little Hell – Trooper
  • Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man – The Bob Seger System
  • Rant 3 – Adrian
  • Can’t You Hear Me Knocking – The Rolling Stones
  • Layla – Derek & The Dominos
  • Do Ya – Electric Light Orchestra
  • Peace Out Rant – Adrian
  • Dear Mr. Fantasy – Traffic

BFGShow Mayan Style 12-21-12

For those who were asking, and for my own sanity here is the playlist, as best I can recall from todays show. In reverse order… ’cause I’m silly like that!

And don’t forget to cast your vote for Broughton at do it for the kids!

  • Outro- Sanford and Son Theme – Quincy Jones
  • Come Together – Beatles
  • Live Again – Sevendust
  • Jesus Christ Pose – Sound Garden
  • Hall of the Mountain King – Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross
  • Something Wicked – 2Pac
  • Freaks of the Industry – Digital Underground
  • Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll – Ian Dury and the Blockheads
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls – Metallica
  • Hells Bells – AC DC
  • Runnin With the Devil – Van Halen
  • Just a Dream – Nelly
  • Supernova – Liz Phair
  • Backwater – Meatpuppets
  • Trippin’ On a Hole in a Paper Heart – Stone Temple Piolts
  • Major Tom – Shiny Toy Guns
  • Experts – Skism
  • Feelin’ Alright – Traffic
  • Just a Friend – BizMarke
  • Intro – Sanford and Son Theme – Quincy Jones

BFG Radio Show – Request Line

Here is your chance to request music you would like to hear during my BFG Shows on CodeBassRadio, Friday’s at 4pm Eastern.

The rules… the heck with rules, this is the BFG show. Let’s call these the ceremony guidelines.

  • You request a song
  • If I like it, I’ll play it
  • If I don’t know it, I’ll find it and play it
  • It won’t be instant

You can improve your chance of hearing your request  by not requesting any country. The only way country will get played is if its Waylon, Willie, and the boys. So keep your Kenny Chestnuts, and your Big what ever, to yourself! One more thing, a request for Celine, or similar, results in a kick to the head from the interwebs…

Request line is open… sort of! Just request via the comments section of this post or via twitter at @adrianpomilio or hash tag #BFGShow.

Remember, it’s an honor to have your request played by the BFG Show. You’re welcome :P