Front End Field Guide: CSS and JavaScript – Scripting Stylesheets

So everyone seems to manipulate an elements style properties with JavaScript, but how about actually manipulating the stylesheet or creating one on the fly? In this edition we are going to cover the basics of enabling/disabling stylesheets, manipulating rules, and even creating stylesheets all with JavaScript.

So let’s begin!
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Front End Field Guide: HTML5 – JavaScript Selectors

In this edition of the “Front End Field Guide” we are going to take a look at the new  HTML5 JavaScript selectors.  In the past we had only getElementById(), getElementByTag(), getElementByTagName() as selectors.  But now there are two brand new selectors available for you to use and they are querySelectorAll() and querySelector().

Technically the Selector API is not part of the HTML5 spec, but it seems to be lumped in with all the other features of HTML5. Because of this I will keep the misnomer going. So lets examine how we can take advantage of these new selectors with a few simple examples.

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JavaScript is a Language You Need to Learn

It’s been a while since my last post, the reason being is that I have been rather busy.  Between conferences, work, and family my “free time” has been rather limited.  When I have found some free time I spend it immersing my self in JavaScript.  Yes, JavaScript!  I have spent the past few years working with Flex and more specifically ActionScript, and only working with JavaScript when I needed too.

Many years ago I spent a great deal of time learning and developing with JavaScript.  I always found it to be frustrating, not because of the language itself but rather the browser environment.  Over the past couple of years some great libraries have been created to work past the issues found in various browsers, and browsers have improved their JavaScript engines quite a bit.

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