The Athletic Guide to Agile – 360Flex

I just got back from 360Flex in Denver, what an awesome time.  I highly recommend attending a 360Flex Conference.

My presentation was “The Athletic Guide to Agile.”  The premise of the presentation was to explain Agile using a metaphor.  The metaphor for this presentation was sports.  It had become obvious to me, over the years, that the explanation of Agile was becoming convoluted and confusing for some.  The problem I saw was people trying to relate Agile principles to Waterfall, something they already knew.  Agile and Waterfall don’t really relate. So I thought that maybe it was time to change that and try and relate Agile to something completely different than Waterfall.

I am still refining the athletic metaphor for introducing Agile, and I have a few other metaphors in the works as well.  Here is the presentation slide deck:

Download - Athletic Guide To Agile – AdrianPomilio

Photos – Yogi sayin it all

Video - not yet available

It is important to understand that this was a live presentation, and it covers many areas of Agile but not every aspect.  The areas that I cover are the parts that cause a bit of confusion.  I am always looking for feedback so please feel free to leave comments.

Whirlwind = Conferences, Live Radio Shows, etc

So this has been a really crazy time for me.  A fun time, but crazy none the less.  Here is a quick recap.

First – Bucky, Ben, and I pulled off the first two live shows of Runtime Expectations (our live tech talk show with attitude) on

Second – Preparing to head to 360|Flex in Denver this week.  I will be presenting the “Athletic Guide to Agile”, and hopefully broadcasting a little bit from the conference.  This conference is going to be killer.  Lots of great presentations and the atmosphere is always very cool.

Third – Trying to figure out the next Runtime Expectations broadcast on the 24th of the month. As well as getting my regular radio show off the ground.  There is so much to learn in the radio world.  Glad I have a lot of great friends and support from people like Vicky Ryder and Ben Farrell, Bucky is more of pain.

Fourth – Getting work done at my actual job.  Lots of great stuff going on at the office and it’s fun to be a part of it all.  We just wrapped up our teams innovation challenge presentation too.  We will find out how we did in the upcoming weeks.

Fifth – Finishing off my final version of “Building HTML5 Applications” presentation for cfObjective in May.  This will be a two hour presentation on all the new stuff with HTML5 and CSS3 as well as building an application with the technologies.  I will also be part of a live broadcast of Runtime Expectations at the conference.  Which should be pretty killer!

Oh yeah, spending time with the family, but that isn’t stressful at all.