Passion and Drive = Codebass Radio

Here is my Doogie Howser moment.  I recently had a conversation with a few friends regarding “passion for what you do” and I couldn’t help but think about, in particular the founder Vicky Ryder. is an online radio station that has grown from once a day hourly windows to pretty much jamming all the time, every day.  Their official vision statement is:

CodeBass serves to showcase the fine folks among the Adobe community who share in a love of music. It’s all about getting to know YOU and what you have to offer. CodeBass loves to promote community awareness and serves as a conduit for connecting kindred souls, especially across platforms that do not typically interact.

But I don’t think this really tells the whole story.  So let me elaborate based on my perspective…

My introduction to Codebassradio (.net and .com) came from my friend Ben Farrell.  Ben and I were teaching a Flex 4 hands on session at NCDevCon in early 2010.  Ben happened to be doing what Ben does well, kicking ass with audio on the Flash platform.  A few days later Ben mentioned to me that someone named Vicky contacted him about doing a Flash based radio thing.  He was pretty amped, and I was rather clueless so I just nodded as if I understood.

Ben went on to explain that this girl was talking about how strange it was that she was at another conference, or heard about another Flash audio person, and was blown away that they had never met. I guess she felt strongly that a community should be created, or at least an outlet for getting like minded people together. Again, I nodded in clueless agreement.

Over time I checked out what Ben was talking about. I started to follow the tweets of some person named Vicky Ryder.  Again, still clueless.  Then I mentioned that I was heading to 360FlexDC to do a charity code jam and Ben said something to the effect of “Vicky and I are going to be there broadcasting.” Moment of clarity just set in, okay we can get this jam on the radio.  Let’s roll!

Move to 360FlexDC.  Those three days of non-stop coding for the charity was met by  The code jammers and I were coding all day, every day, and wearing down.  But each time we ran into a wall there were these awesome jams kicking, and this crazy lady jumping around asking everyone to speak into the mic.  Well it was Codebassradio and Vicky motivating and pushing us through the finish line.  It was at that time I got a chance to get the full picture of  the power of inspiration a person can gain from a driven and passionate group.

You see, some people do things for fame or money, sometimes out of the goodness of their heart, OR because there is something digging at them that says “do, go, continue, must do” without looking for any personal gain.  And it is the later that I was introduced to, and with that I was able to witness true passion and drive to do something that you love. Here was a person hanging with us jammers the whole time, encouraging, and keeping us going for no personal gain or fame.

After the 360Flex DC conference I realized that she had broadcast tunes and talks the entire time we were coding.  She was in the trenches with us and doing her part to bring the noise and keep us going.  I was blown away.  This was a person who was funding everything out of her own pocket, reaching out and introducing like minded people all while spinning any track you could name.  Never snobbish, always full of energy, and encouraging everyone to keep going.  That was pure unadulterated  passion and drive.

Since the conference I have tuned in to listen to (.com) quite often.  Ben is still doing his show on Codebassradio and more DJs have shown up on the schedule.  Now, I remind you that this started with one person reaching out to introduce some audiophiles to each other and is now becoming a full on radio station.  There are no corporate sponsors, no promises of an IPO, just a very cool vibe.  A true community driven vibe.

I apologize for the rambling, but I guess the point I am trying to make is that one person with passion and drive can take an idea from nothing to something, without having to have a business plan or corporate sponsors.  Passion and drive is all that Codebassradio was founded on, and that is what is helping it grow.  Go ahead and tune in one day and know that you are listening to music that is played on something pure!

Codebassradio started out because Vicky wanted to introduce music lovers that shared a geek love affair for technology, specifically Flash and Coldfusion.  She saw an opportunity to do something fun and creative for a greater good. Vicky Ryder, we salute you.  You are the definition of passion and drive, as well as an inspiration to all of us who have thought about doing something.

Codebassradio is a selfless whirlwind created by Vicky Ryder, and building because of the DJs and spirit of the community.  Tune in and drop out!  Tune into Codebassradio!

This is my humble thanks to all those at Codebassradio and my admission of admiration for what you are all doing for our enjoyment!

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