UIandtheRest Labs Site

Okay, so I like to play around with lots of different technologies.  But how can I share my work and get feedback from people?  Hmmm… I know, I will create the obligatory “Labs” section for my site!

The labs section of my blog is just a space that I can put up and test different things that I am working on for my own interest.  With that in mind I am going to put three warnings out there:

    1. The Labs home page is BORING! – I would rather spend time trying out things and making cool little mini apps than making a pretty landing page.
    2. HTML/CSS/JavaScript based items in the lab target WebKit.  I like to play with mobile, and do things quickly.  If something is compelling enough I will make it work in all browsers. But for now its WebKit (e.g. Safari and Chrome).
    3. Free at your own risk! – You can use whatever you find in the labs, but it is at your own risk.  Don’t come to me if some CSS3 transformation and HTML5 canvas tags crash your browser.  Well, you could but I might not be home :-)

Right now I have some HTML5 demos, CSS art stuff, and random things…

So here it is: http://labs.uiandtherest.com/

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