My Ruby and Rails Journey – Part 1

DISCLAIMER –  I want to clarify the title that I will be using for this series of posts.  I know what Ruby on Rails is, but I am taking a different approach.  I am learning Ruby, the language, while also working with Rails, the framework.  So I am digging through the famous Pickaxe book to learn about the language of Ruby and I am also working through Rails3 in Action. This is the story of my journey.

Most of my “career” as a developer has been focused on the frontend (e.g. JavaScript, CSS, HTML, ActionScript and Flex).  But I have also been working with many different backend technologies (e.g. Coldfusion, PHP, Java, Groovy/Grails).  The reason I am always looking at backend technologies is to improve my efficiency in proving out frontend solutions.  After all, a UI with no backend is about as useful as a Powerpoint or Photoshop file, which makes it hard to drive technical change with decision makers.  Trust me, if you are a frontend developer or designer, and all you ever do is create pictures and never implement; no one will care about your technical opinion.  You will fail.  Time to get on with the post..

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Passion and Drive = Codebass Radio

Here is my Doogie Howser moment.  I recently had a conversation with a few friends regarding “passion for what you do” and I couldn’t help but think about, in particular the founder Vicky Ryder. is an online radio station that has grown from once a day hourly windows to pretty much jamming all the time, every day.  Their official vision statement is:

CodeBass serves to showcase the fine folks among the Adobe community who share in a love of music. It’s all about getting to know YOU and what you have to offer. CodeBass loves to promote community awareness and serves as a conduit for connecting kindred souls, especially across platforms that do not typically interact.

But I don’t think this really tells the whole story.  So let me elaborate based on my perspective…

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Is Scrum Alliance CSM Certification Legit?

This evening I just happened to be perusing the internets and I came along scrum master certifications.  Now, I have been working in an Agile environment for a few years now.  I really enjoy the whole vibe, and was thinking about wanting to become a Scrum Master. Before everyone freaks out, I realize there are many people who argue the difference between scrum and agile. At our company we are agile, but really lean towards scrum, so a Scrum Master certification might be good. Or maybe not!  You won’t believe this, or maybe you will. Read on…

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