Samsung Support for AIR

So the recent AdobeMAX conference gave us all a chance to see the role that Adobe will be taking in the mobile space.  But what I found very interesting is how the AIR platform is really taking off.  Hot news was all about the BlackBerry Playbook offering an SDK based on AIR, and other mobile offerings.  I, however, am really excited about AIR on TV.  Adobe has partnered with Samsung to launch AIR on TV.  Because of this I decided to look into purchasing a Samsung TV for our UX group at Railinc.

To start off my search I had to find out what models would support the Samsung App store.  I contacted a support person at Samsung and they provided me with the following model numbers that support the apps, and hence should support AIR apps.

I am sharing this information with you as is.  Please verify before making a purchase.

In LED the models are:

  • UN55C6800UF
  • UN65C6500VF
  • UN60C6400RF
  • UN55C9000ZF
  • UN65C8000XF
  • UN55C7100WF
  • UN55C7000WF
  • UN55C6900VF

In LCD the models are:

  • LN46C750R2F
  • LN46C670M1F
  • LN55C650L1F
  • LN40C560J2F

In Plasma the models are:

  • PN63C8000YF
  • PN63C7000YF
  • PN58C6500TF
  • PN58C6400TF.

This information should help me to narrow down the field, hopefully it will help you as well.