Adobe Flex 4 Training From the Source

I have read many Flex related books and have been developing Flex applications for sometime. Adobe Flex 4 – Training From the Source, is the newest version in the  Training From the Source series that covers Flex 4. The simplest way to put it is if you are brand new to Flex, still learning Flex, or trying out Flex 4 then you need to read this book.   Like I said before, I read a lot of books and this series never fails to deliver.

Adobe Flex 4 – Training From the Source takes you through a step by step progression of creating an actual application. This is not a book of quick snippets and neat tricks, this book is filled with fundamental knowledge that teaches you how to create a real application. This is not “Hello World” or “watch this neat effect.”  This is one of the books you need to have on your bookshelf.