NCDevCon 2010 Recap

A couple of days have passed since NCDevCon (May 22nd – 23rd) and everything is starting to sink in.  Before I get into a recap of my experience, I just want to give a little background on the event.  NCDevCon is a free conference in Raleigh, NC.  The focus of the conference was Flex/Flash, Air, Javascript, Design, Coldfusion, and overall web development.  The promoters, Dan Wilson and Jim Priest with backup by the TACFUG, do an outstanding job in putting together a quality conference.  And they do it so that attendees do not have to pay a dime to attend the conference. Phenomenal, effort. Continue reading

Grails and Flex Presentation for NCDevCon 2010

We just wrapped up the first day at NCDevCon. What a great day and an equally awesome conference. If you missed it you can find all the sessions online, including one that I am partial to, Rapid Development With Grails and Flex ;-)

Video of the Grails and Flex Presentation –

Slide deck and source code coming soon.

If you have never written Groovy/Grails then you are really missing out.  Give it a try and check out

I enjoyed the opportunity to present this topic, it was a lot of fun to prepare for and the audience was awesome.  I do want to give special thanks to Jason Rudolph for his guidance and his book Getting Started With Grails – available in free PDF format, but help an author out and purchase the book as well.  We want authors to keep writing and inspiring us.  They can’t keep doing it for free.

I also want to throw a big shout out to all those in the Groovy/Grails Community for providing a fun and useful language and framework.