GetSimple Theme – Mobile Brown

Just got done creating a very simple theme for the GetSimple CMS.  GetSimple has now become my favorite CMS platform for non-application based sites. Check it out and give it a shot, you will be pleasantly surprised.

This theme is named Mobile Brown and is specifically optimized for mobile devices.  There are no images or javascript, it’s straight CSS.  Meant to be super light and the layout should give you an opportunity to customize it however you like. Keep in mind it’s simple because it is a mobile theme. Expect a few more of these mobile themes in the future.

Download the Mobile Brown GetSimple Theme

Quick Screen Shot of Mobile Brown

HTML5 vs Flash Platform

Everyday I seem to run across numerous articles that cover the topic of _____ killer; it’s usually about iPhones or the Flash Platform.  For well over a decade I have had different job titles: webmaster, web developer, user interface developer; now, user experience developer.  While the job title has changed my core responsibilities have not.  I build user interfaces for applications, hand held mobile or web based.  Because of this core responsibility I have to use all sorts of tools to create the appropriate experience that meets the customers requirements.  With that being said lets get started. Continue reading