Google ‘Tidal’ Wave

In a previous post I mentioned how Google Wave may be too much for people at first. Well it seems that thought has occurred to others as well. In an article posted on eWeek’s Google Watch a mention was made of the ‘Complete Guide to Google Wave’. It seems that the technology is giving some users fits. Hmm… go figure.

There has been other news of Google giving developers and providers an opportunity to build and distribute their own Wave Servers. Google believes that by doing this they can create the same environment that Email servers did in the past. I would have to agree with this belief, and on top of that, I believe that this will put the technology out in front of more users. Hopefully the kids. After all most of us were part of the generation of setting our parents VCR clocks for them, let the kids of today get us Waving. The kids are alright.