A Little Fun at Work

Today we presented our GIS Platform to everyone at Railinc.  It has been a long road and a great challenge.  Dustin Graham and myself finally capped off the release of Railinc’s GIS platform today with a presentation.  To celebrate the event we did up a little poster/t-shirt for the event.

Enjoy a little fun artwork to promote the event, enjoy.


Twitter is Down

At around 10am this morning, EST, I noticed that Twitter was down, uh oh.  How do I broadcast my trivial thoughts?  How do I alert the world that Twitter is down?  I mean, I can’t Tweet!  Who do I call?  What do I do?  Is the sky falling?  Twitter is down?

In all of this confusion I just realized how quickly a simple little application can become such a habit.  I wonder if others are feeling this way?  Trapped, isolated, even lost.  Twitter is our way of running to the rooftops and shouting.  Without it I can only communicate through my blog, which is more like a message in a bottle when compared to the rooftop power of Twitter.

I wonder what people used to do before Twitter?  Hmm.. I am going to grab some coffee and talk to the people at the water cooler.  Maybe they know what people used to do before Twitter.

(while this post is sarcasm, the truth is that Twitter is down right now and I’m scared)