In the air tonight

It’s funny how you can hear a song that you have heard so many times, and think nothing of it, and then it open your eyes all over again. That song just jostles something and makes you look at something differently. The song for me was ‘In the air tonight’, and it just slammed me upside the head with an epiphany, or a rant. So here goes!

I would recommend buying Google stock. I am going to buy 5 shares, hey buy what you can afford, and I will keep buying it every other month. They are coming out with some serious shit! Google – Android, it is their open source operating system for mobile devices. It’ s free to all and it’s for the mobile world,  and mobile is where people are going.  Ask the people around you if they dropped their land lines for their cells.  Who knows, maybe Google is part of the new world order (aka: Illuminati, Free Masons, Bilderberg Group, etc…) who cares. Just like steroids… it is working and providing the new generation with technology that can’t be beat.

In the end Google will make Bill Gates look like a pauper and have more control than windows. It is the future, and currently they are the ’86 version of Jordan. Greatness awakening before your eyes. Mark my words… in five years people and companies will be using their products for everything that is networked!

On a side note… would Google ever buy Adobe? Hmm, makes you wonder.

Peace out, stay free, and don’t be evil ;-)

BTW – Google is now a verb. Think about it.