ESRI Flex API Heads Up

Well I just started to mess around with Flex 3 (beta) and the ESRI Flex API v4 (beta) and found an interesting bug.  It happens when you are trying to use bubble markers.  Here is a sample of the error message:

ESRI Flex Argument count mismatch on mx.binding::PropertyWatcher(). Expected 3, got 2. 

I know it isn’t much to go on but I wanted to keep this post brief.  For the most part Flex 3 and the ESRI API play nice, but when you run into errors like the above you need to compile your app using the Flex 2 SDK.  A real drag, but it does get you up and running.  Hopefully the ESRI folks are starting to work out the kinks with Flex 3.  Because, in all honesty, ESRI provides some of the best mapping solutions out there, and it would be a shame not to be able to build Flex 3 mash-ups.

Flex 3 and Air Pre-release Tour Stop in Cary is a Success

On January 23rd Adobe Evangilist, Ben Forta, of Adobe spoke on Flex 3 and Air in front of over 120 developers and designers in Cary NC. Ben remarked that it was the largest group he has presented to on the tour so far. Excitement was in the air, pun intended, as Ben went through Flex 3 features and inspired the imaginations of developers with Air.

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